Do you need your Window Sash Cords Replacing?

The sash cord is a vital part of a sash window. Over many years of use the sash cord will wear and snap so a new cord will need to be fitted.

    Do you have Sash or Casement windows in your house that do not open because they are painted shut?
    The most common problems people have with sliding sash windows is sticking,
    sash windows should glide smoothly up and down with ease.
    With paint on top of paint it will literally be sealing the window in place.
    Sash windows are hung on cords that pass over pulleys and connect to weights hidden in the
    hollow sides of the case.
    To replace the broken cords the sashes must be removed from the window frame to allow access
    to the side boxes.
    We use braided cotton cord saturated with wax to reduce the risk of rot and to allow it to run
    smoothly over the pulleys allowing the cord to last for another hundred years, we guarantee it.
    All the work is carried out cleanly from inside the property.

                  The cost of replacing Sash Cord


    Our charges are based on the size of the window.

  •                spot  To replace all four sash cords the cost is between £120 - £150 the more windows we repair the lower the overall cost.

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