Jet Washing Services

Patios, Driveways, Balconies, Wall and Deck cleaning will save you money and make you feel better. Apart from being unsightly algae and moss covered patios, paths and driveways can also become dangerous to walk on if not properly maintained

    Selling Your House?
    If you're selling your house why not improve your chances of selling by giving us a call,
    we can improve the overall look of your house that people will notice even before they get to your front door.
    The pictures advertising your home will make it look more inviting. We can clean your walkways and paths
    to make those pictures show your house at it's best, after all it's first impressions that count.
    We all know how potential buyers can be instantly put off just by walking on moss and weed covered pathways.
    If you have a driveway in front of your house and your thinking of selling, please get in touch to discuss your options.
    We cannot stress how much of a difference it makes to potential buyers seeing all parts of your
    garden be it decking, patio or a driveway in a good clean condition, it adds real value to your property.

    Pressure Washing Services
    Our patios, driveways, balconies, wall and deck cleaning service will save you money and make you feel better about your home.
    Oil spillages on your drive do not mean it's time for a new driveway nor does moss on your patio mean it's time for a new patio.
    Apart from being unslightly algae and moss covered patios, paths and driveways can become dangerous to walk on if not properly maintained. We provide high quality brick, stone patio and drive washing which is guaranteed to leave them clean and weed free.
    We can quickly and easily remove stains, unsightly moss, weeds, lichen and algae, in addition our jet washing service will resolve the problem of discolouration restoring your driveway, patio and walls to their original condition which in turn will greatly improve the appearance of your property. It's not just about appearance because paths, driveways and patio's will be safer to walk on.
    No chemicals other than soap on stubborn spots is used but we do recommend a mild weed killer once we have finished to prevent
    weeds and moss growing back.
    Why spend a fortune ripping up and re-laying drives, paths and patios when we can give them a new lease of life within a few hours.

Driveways & Patio Cleaning

Brick, block, flagstones, sandstone, decking, tarmac to name a few can be cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals.
If chemicals are required we use only eco-friendly and will not be used without being discussed with you beforehand.
Driveways may not look so bad with a car there but when the car is not there do oil stains and moss spoil the look?
Driveways can become slippery in time if the oil & moss is left unchecked it can be also be walked into the house.

Decking Cleaned

Wooden decking if not cleaned can become slippery, green & very dangerous to walk on. Deck cleaning not only makes it look good it restores grip and usability. Walking on it in wet conditions can be like walking on ice so give us a call and discuss your options. Decking can be cleaned using low pressure washing to prevent damage.

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